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Mistress Lux

Fashion Design: I focus mostly on jewelry, accessories and exclusive fashion, varying from the MTV awards’ red carpet to making a collection for the National Geographic Channel,TV programs and music video’s. At the end of 2021, my runway collection themed ‘feminine dominance’ was shown at Fashion Week. This collection included a BDSM look with a collar and muzzle, adorned with gemstones and plated with 24k gold and sterling silver details. Featuring cross-dressers and trans women in its runway and photoshoot. Some looks were also featured in Vogue.

As a designer I also love to use unique historical remnants in my work, like pieces of clothing worn by Marilyn Monroe and more could be found in my runway collection.

Right now, I am still working on luxurious items. Ranging from gemstone covered shoes, to glamorous micro satin robes and bra’s adorned with gems, pearls, 14k gold and sterling silver. But due to my other work that demands more time and energy. I will be focussing on that more at the moment.

Recently, I also designed the perfect maid dresses and aprons, Under the label ‘Fetish.Works designed by Mistress Lux NL’. You can see my maids wearing this timeless black and white uniform on lots of my pictures and video’s.

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