You may call me Mistress Lux, Lady or Milady

Mistress Lux

You may call me Mistress Lux, Lady or Milady because I am officially a Lady with three titles, I also have the nickname Miss Feminizer. I am a classy and internationally published pro Domme from the Netherlands.

At 18 years old, I started out as a Domme. I can be a sadist, for sure. As some of you might know, I have an evil Lord as an ancestor. I guess it runs in the family, hahaha. I will only punish people who want and need it, that’s the difference. I will apply my knowledge of practical psychology and body language, monitoring your boundaries.

Everything is high-end, classy and stylish in my world. I also expect my subs and slaves to be the best of the best. If you want to be taught how to be a good slave, sub, sissy, maid or if you want to become a classy girl… you’ve found the right Mistress.

Note: my sessions don’t involve any kind of sexual acts! Look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. You come to me for professional domination and training. Keep your cock in your pants or lock it up tightly. I don’t want to see or touch it.

Besides BDSM sessions, I also have a few businesses;

One in jewelry, accessories, and exclusive fashion varying from creating for the MTV awards’ red carpet to making a collection for the National Geographic Channel and TV programs. Last year as a designer I had a runway collection show at Fashion Week. With as theme feminine dominance with a BDSM look with gemstone covered collar and muzzle with 24k gold and sterling plated details, crossdressing and trans models. Some of the runway looks were also featured in Vogue.

I am also a makeup artist and stylist specialized in non-BDSM gender transformations.

*Trans Makeover: A makeover combined with a photoshoot.
*Trans Academy: The school of transformation. Services include web design, web shops, and professional photoshoots with makeup and styling. We also provide Pro Domme coaching: If you like to become a pro Domme or if you want to elevate your brand, we have lots of custom options for you.

Psychology and coaching: For years I worked on learning more about psychology and how to improve my skills on guiding people in BDSM and crossdressing. I am looking into courses and studies to dive even further into these topics. I am also working on a book.

BDSM coach: I do one on one and couples BDSM coaching. From starting a FLR together or figuring out how to add kink in their relationship.

Crossdressing coach: By guiding individuals or couples where a partner does crossdressing. Teaching them how to apply crossdressing in their daily lives and relationships.

My kind of findom is a little different to most others. Every Domme has her own kind of brand and that is good. For me, I am a businesswoman, I have better things to do than to ask people on Twitter to give me money. I will not constantly post and tell you to pay for my lunch, coffee etc. I have my own money, but when you want to make my life even more luxurious you can. On my website you can buy me gifts, flowers, dinner or send tips. This way, if you’re into this, you can be useful to me and make me happy, as a good sub should.

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