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 *Impression with every option and session plan or coaching can be found on the homepage.

Here you will find it all the options offered in sessions and complete session packages and coaching plans all lined up.

Mistress Lux only does BDSM sessions that she enjoys doing herself, and also enjoys working with her subs and clients in alternative therapeutic ways.

Not everyone will be excepted for a session. It is not possible to book without an intake via email with Mistress Lux.

Mistress Lux is a Lady, Dominatrix, lifestyle couple coach, BDSM and Crossdress coach, MtF & FtM make-up artist and stylist and not an escort, so there will be NO sexual acts during a session. Keep your cock in your pants or lock it up tightly. I don’t want to see or touch it.
‎‎‎‏‏‎‎If you want to be considered, send a polite message. Introduce yourself and tell why you want to be dominated by Mistress Lux.

Many of the options below can be combined in one session. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed in the options below, it probably won’t be possible.

A lasting memory of your session? Photography of your submission?
Book professional photoshoot with the session. Photograpy by Loren / If you prefer it is also posible for Lux to take some pictures/video’s with phone.

Lux was 18 when she started out as a Domme, Over the years she got passionate about practical psychology and body language but also human anatomy so she can safely guide people in their journey to finding themselves while exploring their boundaries.

The sessions take place near Rotterdam/ The Netherlands in a big and stylish space that is perfectly suited for sessions.


Besides the options offered in sessions, you will also find complete session packages and coaching plans below.

Options offered in sessions:

The bodysuit:

The aim of this session which based on ADMT therapy with BDSM twist is to release the sub from daily worries. To let go of oneself and this also completely unrecognizable and experiencing a session or submissive attitude can become easier in the future. A lot of people can’t be open to this in therapy form, but someone with submissive desires does this when asked by the domina. Do a little dance for me, listen to assignments etc. Limited bodysuit sizes available.

The Darkbox:

A sensory experience locked in complete darkness in a cage. This is possible in combination with a bondage bag. This experience is different for everyone, so one can completely surrender and feels super relaxed. Another individual may find it very exciting and scary. Max length for the darkbox is 190 cm.


This can be interpreted in many different ways. This can be applied in a session in the form of many combinations from massaging my feet to being human furniture for me, cleaning something for me, getting groceries for me, cooking for me, being a driver for me etc etc. Discuss what you are thinking about, and often this option comes at a discounted price because you are helpful to me.

Pain and Impact play:

This option is for the masochists, the ones who long for punishment. I can be pretty evil, but I will always listen to your safe word. I will study your body language to see If there are no limits that are crossed. Before an impact play session, we will of course discuss your limits.


Do you like a good spanking? Well, as you might have noticed Mistress Lux loves to give a good spanking. Lux works on an hourly base so this option would be good to combine with other options from the list.

Electro play:

Mistress Lux has an EMS/Tens machine that she used in the past in her salon where she helped people with fibromyalgia and sports injuries. So there is knowledge of where the electrodes can or cannot be placed. With electro play, an electronic acupuncture can also be used. And Lux’s favorite is the electric fly swatter.

Electroplay is not suitable for everyone. If there are medical conditions, please inform Lux.


Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist places special cups on your skin for several minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep tissue massage. The Ebers Papyrus describes how the ancient Egyptians used cupping. Mistress Lux has used it in the past when she ran a beauty salon and helped people with fibromyalgia and sports injuries, so she knows exactly where to put the cups. A modern version of cupping is used with a pump instead of fire to create a vacuum in the cup. Cupping became very popular in the BDSM scene because it will leave beautiful marks and is a special experience.

Foil Mummification:

Mistress Lux loves to do foil mummification. You will completely surrender to her by choosing this option. You will not be able to move. The feeling of the shrink plastic all over your body will give you a special sensation. It is also possible to wear a sensory deprivation hood or also have your face wrapped (with a hole to breathe, of course). Breath play can also be done while lying on the table, wrapped up perfectly.

Tickle session:

A sensory focussed session where Mistress Lux will tickle you till you can’t take it anymore.

Pony play:

Would you like to be Mistress Lux her pony? Then the pony play option is perfect for you.


Mistress Lux does this limited as she feels this is not always the best session option for lots of people. So, before she decide to do a humiliation session with you there must be an intake via email.

Wax Play:

Mistress Lux uses candles that are safe for the skin. The wax will give a short but painful sensation. But please note if you have specific skin conditions this option might not be suitable for you.


For this option, Lux needs to know if there are any medical conditions that she needs to keep in mind. Trampling is possible with bare feet or with heels.


IMistress Lux offers many sissification options, from the more basic sissification of just wearing a dress and having a session to getting a full makeover as Lux is a gender transformation makeup artist and stylist she can make you look the part to do the session. There is also a sissy training option where you can get your own sissy certificate.


Do you want to be Mistress Lux her perfect doll or my barbie?

Pet play:

Do you want to be Mistress Lux her pet? Locked up in a bench. Eat from a bowl, walk around on a leash and listen to your owner? That is possible.

Breath Play:

Mistress Lux does this limited during sessions if there is an interest to experience this.


There are many bondage options: from body bags to rope bondage, chains, crawler set etc.

Vacuum bed (latex-free):

Mistress Lux uses a latex-free option as many people do not know that they are allergic to latex. Safety first. There may be a waiting period for this session, as the bags are used once and are not always in stock.

Human Furniture / object:

Would you like to be a object for Lux? A table that she can eat her diner of? Or a footstool? Then this is the right kind of session for you.


Mistress Lux is  specialized in gender transformations Male to Female (but also female to male). Crossdressing can take place within a session but she can also teach you about crossdressing for more info contact Mistress Lux about her school.

Forced Feminization:

This is an option for the ones who have the need to be more forced into becoming a woman. Lux will decide how you will look and what you will wear.

Financial Domination:

My kind of findom is a little different to most others. Every Domme has her own kind of brand and that is good.
For me, I will not constantly post and tell you to pay for my lunch, coffee or something. Or telling you to pay a tribute before you can talk to me. I have my own money, but if you want to make my life even more luxurious and want to show your admiration and servitude, we can come up with a plan of course. I have a shop on my website where you can buy me gifts, flowers, dinner or send tips. This way, if you’re into this, you can be useful to me and make me happy, as a good sub should. ~Mistress Lux~

Sensory Deprivation:

This is done by wearing a sensory deprivation hood. This is possible during impact play as you will not know what will happen. This can be done while you are in the body bag or locked up in a cage etc.

Take Lux shopping, you pay:

Want to go shopping together and spoil Mistress Lux with gifts? Carry her bags? Be obedient?

Caging and Confinement:

Want to be locked up? There are multiple options. You can be put in the bench or put in there while wearing a sensory deprivation hood and have your hands locked behind your back etc. Or you can be locked up in the big cage. And of course the is also the darkbox option.

Foot Fetish or High Heel Fetish:

Want to worship Mistress Lux her perfect feet? Or heels? You can. Her feet are always looked after and toenails are always painted perfectly, Lux has shoe size 39. She owns about 80 pairs of shoes which most are high-end designers from Manolo to Chanel to Loubs or shoes designed by Mistress Lux herself as she is a designer and even had her own Fashion Week runway last year. (read more about it in blog & News on the website). For heel lovers there are lots of options. Want to be covered by a huge number of shoes? Or do want to experience a feet and/or heels birthday party?

Body bag:

Lux has multiple body bags/bondage bags. She loves to use these on people as it is a complete surrender to her when locked up. This can be combined with a sensory deprivation hood.

Duo session option with Lux and her love Loren:

Lux hert partner Loren (GF) is a switch. He/She likes doing duo sessions togehter, so it is possible to book her/him with your session.

Cleaning servant:

There are a few options in this category. You can book a separate session and experience this with or without gender transformation. * The other option is if you are really good at cleaning and are looking to serve Mistress Lux this way, then you could be considered to become her special cleaning assistant. This at a special rate, because you are useful to her.

Complete session packages and coaching plans:

BDSM coaching for couples:

Are you looking for how to add BDSM to your relationship? Finding the right balance, finding the right game and putting together a training plan, these and many other points are discussed. Individual lessons are possible, but also a 4-week personal coaching plan where a complete agenda is put together.

Crossdressed dining out with Lux & Loren:

With this option you will be transformed into a beautiful woman by Lux who is also a gender transformation makeup artist and stylist. Outfits and shoes in your size will be selected. As a woman, you will go out to dinner with Lux and Loren. Exciting, but you are in good company who have done this many times before. The restaurant is discussed in advance and the costs for the food are for the client. Cost for the transformation and dinner can be found on website. Duration approx. 4 hours. Professional photos will also be taken so that you have a nice memory of this unique experience.

Outside session with photography:

Would you like to go out as sub, puppy, crossdressed, pony, sissymaid? This is definitely an option. All options and ideas will be clearly discussed beforehand. Professional photography is included with this option.

Duo session with Lux & LoriLavish:

This is an exclusive session where the submissive will try out many aspects of BDSM. Lori attends the session as Mistress Lux’s assistant. This is a 4 hour session and this session also includes professional photography to have a nice memory of this exclusive session.

Dinner party with Lux & LoriLavish:

Are you not looking for a session, but do you want to have dinner with Lux and Lori? This dinner option with Lux and her little bombshell Lori Lavish is a 4 hour option. On this evening you will be welcomed by a GF maid who will take your coat and then escort you to the living room and offer a glass of champagne and appetizer, then there is the possibility to have a nice conversation with Lux and Lori. Then Lori will perform a nice burlesque routine. After this, Lori is being prepared for dinner on the table by the maid. The sushi will be served on Lori, which will be beautifully placed on the table as a centerpiece (if you are not a sushi fan, there are of course also other options). Professional photos will also be taken of this evening so that there is a nice memory of this experience.

B&B/ Become a maid and breakfast (with certificate):

The become a maid & breakfast option is a long training session where you are expected on the first day at 13:00 and leave the next day at 11:00. Short overview: 13:00 Intake continued by transformation to maid 15:00 tea time, then cleaning until 17:00. After cleaning you will cook, serve and clean up. Approx. half past seven starts a session that might be less pleasant depending on how well you had done your work. Then you massage my feet and make a cup of tea, and then it’s time to remove your makeup and go to sleep in the girly pink room. You wake me up at 9:00 and make sure my breakfast is ready. 11:00 you can go home after your Maid certificate has been handed out (if you did it right of course). This session is only possible if a short session with intake has taken place before. Professional photography is included with this option to give you a nice memory of this experience.

My personal Maid for a day:

This is a long 6 hour session, 11am-5pm where you will get a discounted price and will be REALLY helpful and obedient and serve me well all day long. If you bore me or if you do not meet my standards in performing a task, you will be punished. Before the session, we will talk about punishments and rewards. You will be wearing a cute maid outfit. It’s also possible that I do your makeup and make you wear a nice wig. This session has a reduced price because you will make yourself useful to me this day from cleaning to massaging my feet or neck, bringing something to eat or drink etc. etc. Professional photography is included to take some nice pictures as a reminder of This day.

My personal butler for a day:

This is a long 6 hour session, 11am-5pm where you will get a discounted price and will be REALLY helpful and obedient and serve me well all day long. If you bore me or fail to meet my standards in performing a task, you will be punished. Before the session, we will talk about punishments and rewards. This session has a reduced price because you will make yourself useful to me this day from cleaning to massaging my feet or neck, bringing something to eat or drink etc. etc. Professional photography is included to take some nice pictures as a reminder of this day.

Birthday session:

Would you like a special birthday session? This session will take 3-3,5 hours. There are a few options, the Special Girl birthday option for crossdressers and sissies. The shoe and feet lover birthday of the spankie birthday party for the ones that enjoy pain.

Bootcamp / BDSM workout:

Do you want to get in better shape but with a BDSM twist? Then join my Bootcamp option! This can be done as a Sissy Bootcamp option or regular, groups or one on one, inside or outside. We will make a custom plan that will work best for you.

Sissy Training with Certificate:

Do you want to become a proper sissy? And get your own sissy training and get a certificate?
You can obtain your sissy certificate in a 4-hour training session. At the session we first start with a short conversation, then I transform you with full make-up, wig and nice outfit and heels. Then your training starts, here you will learn the basic things that you should be able to do as a decent sissy. If you want to develop even further, you can start your submissive training after this, which consists of 3 sessions as a follow-up to this one.
Professional photography is included with this option.

B&B Bench, Bodybag, Bondage & Breakfast:

This is an overnight session. Arrival: 20:00 Departure 11:00. In the night there will be check-ups to see if everything is ok. You can sleep or in the body bag on an air mattress or in the bench, or with bondage on hands and feet. Before being allowed to book this session you will need to have an intake with me first.

Slave or Sub training:

We offer many options for this type of training, you can follow a one-time training, or you can follow a course. The course consists of three or four sessions. If I deem you worthy you will get your submissive or slave certificate. If you meet my standards, you could even become my own sub or slave.

Submissive coaching plan:

This is a 4 week personalized coaching plan. This can be aimed at letting you be submissive to your partner who does not want to be further involved in the coaching. Be submissive to me or in general and learn to be good sub. How should you behave as a sub?, different types of assignments, writing tasks, affirmations, basic cognitive behavioral therapy and more are used in your 4-week coaching plan.

Crossdressing / Gender transformation and lessons without BDSM:

  • MtF & FtM makeover with photoshoot: Trans Makeover 
  • The school of transformation Trans Academy 

BDSM photography without session :

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