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Professional BDSM Dominatrix services in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

About Mistress Lux NL

Mistress Lux a strict Domina who is specialized in feminization, crossdressing, and also sissification.

You may also call her Lady or Milady as she is officially a Lady and has three titles. At the age of 18 Mistress Lux came into contact with the world of BDSM (maybe you recognize her from some BDSM movies). She lives a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle and has lots of experience in BDSM and with her basic knowledge of practical psychology, human anatomy, and body language she can safely guide you in your BDSM experience.

My BDSM Service

Have you always wanted to be submissive to a classy domme, and would you like to serve her?


Have you always wanted to try a BDSM session? Do you want to be locked up or do you feel you need to be punished? Are you into crossdressing or sissification?  Would you like to experience how it is to be a domestic slave or my sissy maid?


Whether you want to learn how to dominate your partner or need coaching to become a professional Domme, you’re at the right place. We offer both services for (starting) professionals, or couples to spice up your life.

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For the ones that are not able to do real life sessions with me or prefer online there is a new option on my Task OnlyFans.

Tasks via my OnlyFans @domination_by_lux

Buttler for a day

Session Options

Many session options are offered.

Want a lasting memory of your session? Book a professional photo shoot in addition to your session. 


Online domination
Sissification/sissy training (
Duo sessions with my partner or other Domme
Forced Feminization
Painplay/impact play
Foot fetish
High Heel fetish
Wax Play
Vacuum bed (latex free)
Bench or body bag & Breakfast
Bootcamp training session
Pet play
Slave or sub training (with certificate)
Financial Domination
Breath play
Electro play
Sensory deprivation
Body bag
Foil mummification
Maid/ domestic servant
My personal Butler for a day
My personal maid for a day
Take me shopping (you pay)
Tickle session
Human furniture

Also visit our other non-BDSM services. – MtF makeover with a photoshoot – The school for boys who want to be girls

Clients Reviews

What my clients say about me.

My day with Lux was unforgettable. She has a gift for acknowledging your inner desires and submitting to exploring them together. She always holds the reins firmly, but elegantly.

Electra_Cute Client

Experienced many sessions with this fantastic Mistress. Her Dominance comes naturally, in addition, she has a great personality. She always knows how to create the right atmosphere for a great session. A phenomenal feeling, be careful not to get addicted!

Alex Slave

Lux is a very skilled makeup artist who brought me closer to myself in an experience I will never forget.

Elise Sub

    Our Team

    Mistress Lux is in need of a personal assistant.

    Mistress Lux NL

    The Mistress


    Photography and web development

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    A good sub spends bucks on Mistress Lux.

    Presents for Lux

    ”A good sub spends bucks on Lux”

    ”A good sub spends bucks on Lux”
    I have high standards and expensive taste. I don’t need your money, I just like it when someone enjoys spoiling me and shows their admiration and submission in that way.  – Lux

    You can buy Mistress Lux NL a gift or send her a tip in the webshop.

    Contact Me

    Would you like to book a session? Send a polite email with information about you, your kinks, hard limits and what kind of session you are looking for.




    Capelle aan den IJssel


    • Not everybody will be accepted for a session.
    • Note: Mistress Lux NL is a Dominatrix, lifestyle coach, stylist and MtF & FtM Make-up artist and not an escort so there will be no sexual acts during a session.
    • All the options can be found in the session option list. If it is not on the list it is not possible.
    • Your privacy and the privacy of Mistress Lux are taken very seriously so a contract can be made for privacy reasons.
    • Hygiene is very important and all the items that are used during a session will be sterilized after every session.
    • We follow strict hygiene protocol regarding COVID-19.
    • If you have any symptoms the session has to be postponed for 14 days.