Previously Mistress Lux NL

In 2022 Mistress Lux changed her name to The Lady Lux to better reflect her identity.

Who is The Lady Lux? She is a classy Lady and internationally published professional dominatrix (pro domme) and businesswoman. In addition to her work as a pro domme, she also serves as a therapist and coach. Her talents extend to being a fashion designer featured by Vogue, a gender transformation makeup artist and stylist, as well as a coach for crossdressing and gender transitioning.

Please note, Lux is a Lady and a Dominatrix, not an escort. Her sessions do not incorporate any form of sexual activities. You are here to seek her professional domination and training. If it’s sexual gratification you seek, there are plenty of other places to find it. Her services revolve around professional domination and training, with the emphasis placed solely on that aspect.

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Fashion Design

Fashion Design: I focus mostly on jewelry, accessories and exclusive fashion, varying from the MTV awards’ red carpet to making a collection for the National Geographic channel and TV programs. At the end of 2021, my runway collection themed ‘feminine dominance’ was shown at Fashion Week in Canada. This collection included a BDSM look with a collar and muzzle, adorned with gemstones and plated with 24k gold and sterling silver details. Featuring cross-dressers and trans women in its runway and photoshoot. Some of the looks were also featured in Vogue.

Right now, am working on a new collection for luxurious Dommes. Ranging from gemstone covered shoes, to glamorous micro satin robes and bra’s adorned with gems, pearls, 14k gold and sterling silver. I am also working on designing the perfect maid dresses and aprons, which will be sold under the ‘Fetish.Works designed by Mistress Lux NL’ label! On the cover of this magazine and in many other pictures, you can see me wearing my own designs.

Application Process

Please note that not everyone will be granted a session. It is mandatory to undergo an intake process via email before any booking is confirmed.

If you would like to be considered, please send her a polite motivation message that introduces yourself and explains why you desire to be dominated by her.

Clients Reviews

What my clients say about me.

Recently it was my first session ever. Afterwards I regretted not going earlier. You feel familiar and understood with this mistress/lady.

Daan/Destiny Under consideration to become a personal sub of Mistress Lux NL

Experience many sessions with this fantastic Mistress. She has her Dominance naturally. In addition, she has a great personality. She always knows how to create the right atmosphere for a great game. A phenomenal feeling, be careful not to get addicted!

Alex Slave

It was amazing. I learned so much more about myself and what I like. I was very nervous at the beginning.

anonymously Client

For a very long time, I was looking for an address where my wishes regarding crossdressing and a little bit of BDSM could be combined. I finally found this at Mistress Lux! It's great to experience a session at Mistress Lux, but also to see that the work is her passion!

Fabienne Verona Submissive of Mistress Lux NL

After years of struggling with our 'normal' relationship and combining BDSM play, we really looked for help. Via google we came across Mistress Lux and are very grateful for this. The personal plan certainly helped and what a lovely lady.

F & B Client (couple)

Ever since I was very young, there has always been a deep desire to serve a lady. Transformed as a woman to be a dignified servant. I will never forget the moment I stood in front of the mirror. I thought I was so beautiful haha. After that I did all kinds of fun tasks for Milady and I would like to do this again.

Maid Flora Maid

Lux is a very skilled makeup artist who brought me closer to myself in an experience I will never forget.

Elise Sub

I've wanted a sissy workout for quite some time, but everything was so raunchy and sexual online. Mistress Lux was exactly what I was looking for, dignified, elegant, classy but strict.

Frans Sissy

In the distant past I have been to a studio more than once. But I always felt like a number there and it was impersonal. The ladies didn't seem to have a passion for it either. Mistress Lux NL is so different, the passion radiates from it and she also guides more therapeutically, which I experienced as special and very pleasant. Unfortunately I live far away otherwise I would definitely book a session more often.

Joris K Sub

When I saw the beautiful pictures of the various MtF ladies on the website, I knew I had to be here. Mistress Lux and Loren are soul mates for me; I felt right at home and understood. The transformation and the session was wonderfully nice and the photos amazing. I want to experience it way more.

Natasha Talisa Under consideration to become a personal sub of Mistress Lux NL

My day with Lux was unforgettable. She has a gift for acknowledging your inner desires and submitting to exploring them together. She always holds the reins firmly, but elegantly.

Electra_Cute Client

I drove all the way from Germany. It was worth it! I felt so understood and there was no shame. She is an awesome lady who knows what she is doing.

H.L Sub

I was completely new to this world and I had no experience at all. I have a friend who was happy that I booked a session as Mistress doesn't do sexual things. I learned a lot about what BDSM is and tried a lot. I also had the opportunity to ask many questions via email.

Tom Client

Besides that Mistress Lux is a beautiful Mistress, she can be strict but also sweet. Obviously, this isn't just any game for her. She takes the time for you, and will look for a deeper connection with you. She will help you push your limits. Because step by step she takes you to what you want to achieve and then just a little further. My transformation started 4 months ago and now I can't do without her guidance and control.

Lisa Liz Submissive of Mistress Lux NL

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”A good sub spends bucks on Lux”

”A good sub spends bucks on Lux”
I have high standards and expensive taste. I don’t need your money, I just like it when someone enjoys spoiling me and shows their admiration and submission in that way.  – Lux

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